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Spice Farm Tour and Cooking for Swahili Food

Spice Tour


Discover the world of exotic fruits and spices. Due to the diversity of spices growing in this Island, Zanzibar is often referred as the “Spice Island.”

Spice Tour

Over 20+ Guides Are Ready To Serve.

Putting You In The Right Spot, At The Right Time.

Spice Tour That Meet Your Expectations.

Cooking Class


We will go a step further for tourists who wish to learn to prepare Swahili food and experience Swahili meal preparations.

Cooking Class

Learn to cook from our Professional Local Chefs.

Discover how to prepare Swahili dishes with spicy ingredients.

Enjoy and eat what you learn on our Swahili foods.

Capturing stunning photos of Swahili cuisine and sharing to the people you love.

Zito Restaurant

Most tourists who desire to taste and eat more about swahili dishes. Local foods can only be served at zito restaurants. Reservation required 

Zito Restaurant

We offer a variety of spice dishes in addition to the meals shown below this page.

Visit Zito Restaurant and enjoy the taste out of life.

The safety and well being of our team, and our foods is always our top priority.

Shopping Organic Spice

We offer shopping organic spice after finish the spice farm tour to the customers who wish to buy.

Shopping Organic Spice

We only offer a health-spice products that are grown directly on our Zanzibar farm.

You can choose to shop more than 20+ products goods in our shop.




We appreciate everyone who visit in our spice farm to supports by donate a small amount of money in our tip box.

The money that you give us we distribute them more to the poor children and orphans.


Distribute to the poor children, Orphans, old people and unhealthy people.

Distribute to the local schools, hospital and more.

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